About Our Family Business

main line paintingMcGuck and Sons was started by my great-great grandfather… who for the sake of this story we will call “Pappy McGuck”.

While he was painting his own house one day, he realized that he could paint incredibly straight lines without making a single error.  His hand was steady, deftly outlining rooms in whatever colors he decided.

When he was done with the inside of his house, he moved right on to the outside and in just two days he had painted his 5 bedroom home, meticulously, inside and out.  He stood for a moment with his arms crossed and said, “Well that’s nice.”

The neighbors immediately took notice, and asked Pappy if he’d be willing to help with their homes as well.  A plumber by trade, Pappy wasn’t really interested in the work but he grabbed his 13 year old son, Jr., and decided to make a weekend project out of it.

They coated the walls in fresh paint, without spilling a single drop, and when it was done they clearly had the sharpest looking block in all of Lower Merion.

Word spread like fire, and Old Pappy became a painter before he even knew what had happened.  Jr grew up painting, and even put a paint brush into my Granddad’s crib when he was born.

Since then, all of the McGucks have grown up to be painters.  We still paint ridiculously straight lines, every time, and we never spill a drop.  We’d be happy to do the same for your house as well!